Where in the world do I shop?

fresh Amish produce* / dry goods

*conventional produce is grown in corn-based fertilizer and sprayed with corn-based chemicals (even Organic), all grocery store produce has been gassed and/or waxed with corn-based substances

LuckyVitamin / Jet

Teff grain & flour

Tapioca & Arrowroot flour

Almond meal

water filtration and filter replacements

vacuum seal food saver system

shopping bags

soap / shampoo

powdered Calcium Bentonite clay

hemp products (clothes, linens, etc.)

clothing that’s 100% cotton or combined with linen or wool or alpaca: J. Crew / L.L. Bean / Lands End / Pendleton / Pact / Sudara

feminine hygiene products

Allbirds sneakers / espadrilles or leather sandals / Oliberte

cotton filtered breathing mask

custom and/or handmade misc.