Here are links (to which I will continually add as time and health allow) to information beyond what I’ve already provided:

food allergies as common cause of hidden illness

general food allergy facts

inflammatory symptoms

underlying mechanisms of neurological symptoms

corn/ maize allergy overview

corn allergy reference guide

Corn Allergy Girl blog

supposed 1st modern documented corn allergy

1950s era recognition of corn sensitivity & “urgent need” for adequate testing method

throat swelling = Eosinophilic Esophagitis

resolution of throat swelling after elimination of corn in diet

effects of elimination diet on alleviation of symptoms

maize allergy

maize allergy as a lipid transfer protein

cooking doesn’t lessen presence of or sensitivity to maize

current corn allergy testing is inconsistent

skin prick tests can easily show false positives

issues with cleaning & disinfection in food processing

suggested “good production” practices

unreliable practices/ inconsistent standards of cleaning manufacturing equipment

additives in meat & poultry products (USDA)

corn-based aecetic acid rinse for slaughtered meat

filler in coffee

fillers added to coffee due to coffee shortages

fraudulent coffee ingredients

corn in medical Dextrose & lactated ringers

probable anaphylactic reaction to dextrose solution

dextrose in anticoagulant (USDA)

similarity of wheat and corn allergies

corn gluten is a harmful component for the gluten sensitive

wheat & milk contribute to neuroimmune reactivity

inflammatory effects of gluten & dairy on brain

brain autoimmunity in the gluten & dairy sensitive

wheat & milk sensitivity common to Fibromyalgia sufferers

gluten sensitivity as a neurological illness

untreated Celiac Disease can lead to behavioral disorders

crossreactivity & stimulation of antibody response

grasses & grains beyond wheat

Evolutionary legacy of inflammatory bias

prevalence of wheat, egg & dairy sensitivity in Pakistan

autoantibody crossreactivity with milk

molecular features of maize allergens and human health implications

prevalence of contamination by genetically modified substances

inadequate methods to test concentration of allergens in genetically modified foods

unlabeled genetic modifications may be contributing to rise in food allergies

genetically modified corn high in toxins and nutritionally inferior

over 60 different names for High Fructose Corn Syrup on food labels

list of corn sweeteners in Cargill products

allergy to maize uncommon in Europe

lack of rotational diet as contributing factor to food sensitivity

rotation diet for common allergies

rotational diet guidelines

history of corn, plant breeding & pest resistance

how domestication of corn led to increase of disadvantageous mutations

histamine intolerance

histamine as lesser-known intolerance

histamine intolerance & food allergy

histamine intolerance linked to other health conditions

histamine intolerance and inflammation

Basics of Diamine Oxidase (DAO)

diet affects DAO

natural DAO for histamine intolerance

DAO supplement reduces episodic migraines

frying/ grilling (vs. Boiling) increases histamine

low/anti-histamine diet

increase in nerve fibers & loss of mast cells with PCOS

PCOS is likely an autoimmune disease

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

blood serum of patients with Atopic Dermatitis differs from those with Psoriasis

gender disparity of inhibited airway function due to Progesterone

Estrogen affects severity of Asthma

Mast Cell relative to Fibromyalgia, Autism, Arthritis, Psoriasis, MS, Cancer, Migraines, allergies & asthma, IBS

Leaky Gut overview

Leaky Gut signals Autoimmune Diseases

necessity of FDA- approved agents that treat compromised gastrointestinal epithelials

Leaky Gut & food sensitivity

gut/ brain connection to mood

allergy influences brain inflammation

food testing for emotional reactions

food allergy induces brain inflammation

POTS overview

comprehensive POTS resources


connection between Mast Cell & Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia, psychiatric comorbidity & the somatosensory cortex

Fibromyalgia comorbidities

comorbidity of Fibromyalgia & ADHD from a pathogenic perspective

trauma worsens– but doesn’t cause– juvenile- onset Fibromyalgia