I’ve been living with Fibromyalgia (under control) for over 20 years. I also have PCOS and degenerating cartilage in my neck and my knees. Additionally, I’ve dealt with digestive intolerances to various foods on and off for most of my life. For instance, what I thought was Asthma turned out to be a wheat intolerance. Despite miscellaneous pop-ups, such as Mononucleosis (4th grade), Shingles mid 20s) and Sciatica (early 30s), I always managed to bounce back.

Gradually, some mysterious underlying condition was making me fatigued and bloated. Many other recurring symptoms returned to stay while new ones continued to develop. Eventually, I discovered a food intolerance that suddenly exploded into a full- blown anaphylactic allergy to corn in all forms, including derivatives and substrates.

Overlapping all this is most likely a Mast Cell disorder and/or POTS. Regardless of which came first, the proverbial chicken or the proverbial egg, a genetic mutation has activated an allergy to histamine, which is naturally high in some foods. Cooking anything generates histamine, as does letting it cool. Even more histamine develops each day leftovers sit.

All of these have significant neurological ramifications.

Fortunately, I found an online corn allergy support group comprised of over 9,900 members (many of whom represent multiple people), who each share resources compiled from hundreds of hours of research. The commonalities confirm our research; the research supports our experience. They are my lifeline.