Articles: Wellness’ tour de force (part 4 of 4)

Please be sure you’ve already read Parts 1, 2 & 3 because this is the conclusion to my four-part series.

By now, my conditions and their symptoms are common knowledge. But few people understand the fundamental principles behind my preference for Integrative Medicine.

Unfortunately, Western Medicine and modern Science are too intermingled with politics to interact for the common good of Humanity as evidenced by marketing campaigns that promote alleviation of discomfort over and above preventative maintenance. As a legal assistant to a American attorney that represents injured workers, I can personally attest to the fact that when it comes to healthcare, insurance companies are in charge. My boss always advises our clients to vocalize and clarify their symptoms.

For instance, the client may think, “I feel OK today since I’ve been sitting in the waiting room.” But they should say, “My intermittent pain isn’t as bad today as it is some days; the sharp stinging sensations get worse if I stand too long” which communicates far more than, “I’m fine.” Furthermore, they should present a written/ printed copy and insist it be added to their file.

Otherwise, the doctor/ assistant will note, “Patient states all symptoms are relieved; condition is resolved.” It will then be impossible to receive any present or future treatment (unless the client is willing to pay for it out of their own pocket) because no injury/ illness was ever documented in their medical history.

See how that works? Regardless of how a U.S. doctor is influenced/ motivated (greed, pressure, threats) they are under the insurance company’s thumb. With this in mind, common sense dictates each patient is worth more sick than well, especially if health insurance is mandatory. Think about it: unnecessary procedures are prescribed at a much higher rate than helpful ones (e.g. the Opioid Epidemic rather than an acupuncture revival) while insurance companies have the option to either raise premiums or cancel coverage altogether for pre-existing conditions once they’ve gotten their money’s worth.

How could this happen??

Modern politics aside, we can thank a 1910 report by Science administrator and politician, Abraham Flexner. His German-style education impacted his restructuring of research universities in both the United States and Canada. Besides their mandatory public schools (i.e. homeschooling is illegal; private/ parochial are sparse), Germans place a heavy emphasis on educational tracks where each student is channeled into a predetermined path designed to address their aptitude.

Students deemed brightest will be groomed for college. Students considered average are instructed in courses leading to technical/ business jobs. Those who display the lowest acceptable level of competence are taught trade skills. Those with a disability– even a minor physical challenge, such as deafness– are not eligible for mainstream education.

Besides the obvious problem with lack of inclusion for those with treatable conditions and/or who simply require reasonable accommodations, the rigid system fails to take into account differing learning styles and multiple measures of intelligence, which skew or evade standardized test results.

For instance, consider the difference between students with urban and rural upbringings: the one is baffled by references to what the other takes for granted. Likewise, memorization is a helpful skill for certain tasks, as is deductive reasoning; yet they aren’t interchangeable.

Assigning value and levels of priority to people based on inflexible guidelines that don’t allow for unexpected data is a paradigm in drastic conflict with that of holistic healthcare (a.k.a. “folk” remedies), which seeks tailored solutions to individual problems. And it isn’t hard to predict/ identify the ramifications of invalidating peoples’ natural inclination to ask questions and explore possibilities.

Goodbye, Scientific Method, i.e. observation for discovery; hello, rote Dogmatism, i.e. memorization of set info in separate fields. This is what allowed Big Pharma to slide in and take over as the overarching unifier. It’s why the United States won’t accept foreign medical credentials, even from fellow First World nations.

When nearly all political campaigns, laboratories, schools, hospitals and banks are owned by the same power-driven network, it’s logical to deduce they do favors for each other. So whenever someone refers to Science, e.g. “Science says…” my counter is always, “What Science? Who funded the research?”

I encourage everyone to investigate these connections because I know it sounds absolutely crazy to anyone who hasn’t been awakened to the startling reality of Globalism’s battle for centralized control. But in this age of information, resources abound. Please find below some basic, entry level starting points to pique your curiosity and stimulate questions. Fun fact: connecting the dots between facts to infer overarching principles not otherwise spelled out is called, “critical thinking.”

The Flexner Report– 100 years later

Abraham Flexner Biography

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Transparency & Disclosure of Health Costs & Provider Payments: State Actions

Testimony of Daniel Ciccarone, MD, MPH before Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights & International Organizations, US House of Representatives

Overview and History of Eugenics

Population Control via Eugenics

Sterilized in the name of Public Health

Biography of Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger’s “My Way to Peace”

Planned Parenthood Federation of America Margaret Sanger Award Winners

What Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Controversial Foundation Actually Does

Clinton Foundation and Gates Foundation to Partner

Bill Gates’ Father was the Head of Planned Parenthood & Inspired his Population Control Views

Bill Gates & Warren Buffett Spend Billions to Control Minority Populations

Population Control

These 6 Companies Control much of U.S. Media

When the Tech Mythology Collapses

The Illusion of Choice in Consumer Brands

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