Articles: Wellness’ tour de force (part 2 of 4)

Since I’ve already outlined natural forces, electrical magnetism and some of the applications for healthcare (see Part 1), I can build on these concepts without repetition. Please read that post if you haven’t already done so.

It’s common knowledge that jewelry wreaks havoc in an MRI tube, that a microwave oven will disrupt a pacemaker and that magnets shouldn’t be anywhere near someone with a cochlear implant. Yet there still seems to be skepticism that a full moon can effect behavior.

No, I’m still not wearing a tin foil hat. I just know that, like Earth, our Moon has it’s own gravitational pull. This is what causes the oceans’ tides. It stands to reason that if people with joint issues (e.g. vehicle accident survivors, Arthritis sufferers) can literally feel atmospheric changes in pressure and temperature in their bones, at least a percentage of the general population is able to feel the gravitational shifts of the celestial bodies orbiting our planet.

Unfortunately, many people (for various reasons) lack self- awareness and/or the ability to manage their own behavior. Nurses, Emergency Room receptionists, classroom teachers and physical/ occupational therapists can all attest to the influence of lunar phases.

Though gravity is a different force than magnetism, they are interrelated. If we are affected by Gravity, which is a much weaker subatomic force, then surely we are affected by Electromagnetism, even though we don’t feel it, unless there are so many changes to our cells all the time that we’re accustomed to the sensation– after all, we have nothing else to which we can compare it.

It’s worth noting that many animal species have natural magnetic navigational abilities. So many animals, in fact, that it’s probably safe to say all: studies have so far confirmed this in loggerhead sea turtles, whales, spiny lobsters, newts, salamanders, frogs, rainbow trout, homing pigeons, sparrows, blind mole rats, hamsters, honeybees, fruit flies, and even bacteria.

Suddenly, everyone seems to be chattering about and fretting over the reversal of Earth’s poles, which happens about every several hundred thousand years. Not that we shouldn’t expect to see minor effects as everyone adjusts but this is a gradual process.

Regardless of what you believe about how dramatic or not our planet’s pole reversal is, our collective time and resources are better spent on things we CAN control, such as reducing pollution, treating its effects and continuing to research for the sake of our health and our planet’s wellness.

Why waste energy panicking about periodic natural phenomena? Even if the navigation of satellites and aircraft will be as significantly impacted as many reports predict, even if the power grid truly is in danger, how is fear-mongering helpful to our survival?

I recommend reverse psychology to shift the focus of Internet click-bait articles from the panicked to the practical, especially if that gets us closer to investigating phenomena, such as declining bee populations. For all we know there could be an electromagnetic correlation. Let’s get on this!

Astronomical data on currents and tides

Joint pain linked to changes in weather

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Gravitational equivalent of Magnetic Field Measured In Lab

According to NASA, pole reversal happens all the time

What will happen when Earth’s poles flip, according to National Geographic

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