Journal: I finally started repurposing trash to hold my trash!

Besides the issue of overflowing landfills, there’s a concern about the petroleum and artificial chemicals in garbage bags, which come in a variety of materials and now scents.

Lining trash cans with grocery bags is nothing new. But I buy so few commercial grocery goods anymore, plus I bring my own canvas bags to the store. Having to give up trash bags (most of them are made with corn- based plastic) was panic- inducing. Though I managed to find a few cheap ones made with petroleum, what would I do when I ran out and/or the company changed their manufacturing ingredients?

Then it occurred to me: why was I disposing of perfectly good bags inside of other bags? Furthermore, why was I throwing away soiled garbage that was likely to stink in a day or two in an extra large bag that wouldn’t even be half full when I disposed of it?

I’ve since started saving bags. Everything from frozen veggies to epsom salt to almond meal to toilet paper comes in it’s own plastic. Different sizes for different items/ amounts means less waste. Now I save the large petroleum bags for dry trash and use smaller discarded packaging for anything wet/ likely to rot.

No more having my hands burn from corn- based plastic. No more respiratory reactions from whipping open a scented bag. No more wasting the few bags left that are safe for me. Why didn’t I think of this years ago??

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