Articles: the 1st of my 3 laundry essentials

Believe it or not there’s a tree that grows berries, which– rather than soften as they rot into mush– dry into hard shells resembling nuts. Even crazier: they naturally lather when wet!

“Soap Berries,” or “Soap Nuts” as they’re more commonly called, also have natural fabric softening properties. Furthermore, they’re compostable. Best of all: that they can be reused for multiple washes.

Granted, I’m not doing laundry for a large family. Regardless, it’s still quite a savings. In fact, it’s been a few years since I bought the box that’s barely half empty now; I can’t even count how many bottles of detergent I used to go through. I switched because soap has corn- based ingredients, not to mention artificial fragrance. It’s no wonder I had uncontrollable skin reactions!

Well, I’m starting to sound like an infomercial so I won’t mention a brand name– not that you can’t grow your own, which would be even cheaper and more eco-friendly. Suffice it to say: forget traditional detergent; you don’t need it!

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