Update: it’s that time again…

I recently had a dental checkup. For the record: I had regular dental care growing up, brushed every day and rarely drank soda; candy was for holidays.

The good news is both my current dentist and I have noticed a marked difference in my dental health since discovering my food sensitivity, which is a common experience corroborated by many members of my corn allergy support group. Furthermore, my teeth are no longer sensitive.

Unfortunately, I’m continuing to experience the residual effects of treatment by an unethical previous dentist that impact how my teeth are situated and the structure of my bite. Rather than figure out the cause of recurring pain, that dentist merely shaved my teeth, insisting their alignment was causing various peaks to bang together. Each time it was later discovered I had an abscess, which required a root canal. Consequently, my teeth are now excessively worn down.

Additionally, one of the root canals that dentist performed was on a molar, which should’ve been treated by a specialist with the expertise l to ensure all the root chambers (I have the maximum number and depth) were clear of infection. Instead, the infection regrew, cracked my tooth and he lied to cover up his mistake. Now I’m missing a tooth from the damage.

Moreover, my bite keeps shifting to accommodate the teeth I do still have, which are too smooth to properly grind food. This is causing my teeth to grind around, which is chipping the crowns already installed.

My current dentist is doing everything he can to monitor the situation. However, there’s only so much I can afford or even logistically handle at once. This most recent appointment revealed a minor infection in a previously treated tooth. That work had been performed by a trusted specialist but it was a tricky situation and a post was installed to support what was left of the tooth.

The bad news is it will likely require a root canal (my 7th I think but I’m losing track); I will lose that tooth if it’s cracked, which is in the identical spot as the missing one on the other side. How will I chew??

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