Articles: The truth about protein

Most people seem to be confused by conflicting information about protein, especially after learning about my limited diet. I’m frequently asked, “Have you seen a nutritionist?” My response: “Yes. Have you?” (By the way– bloodwork reveals I’m not nutrient deficient, aside from folate.)

Despite Society’s mixed messages, the United States’ government guidelines call for a more nutrient-rich diet than previously recommended. Canada’s recommendation is also a varied diet. New Zealand says the same.

When it comes to figuring out what’s best for you…

First, consider all variables/ factors. How much a person needs depends upon their age, gender and activity level.

Second, look beyond animal sources– especially past red meat– to plant- based sources. There are waaaay more options than you think.

Third, consider a powdered supplement if you’re deficient or have increased your activity. There are a variety from which to choose so food sensitivities (except for corn, of course) and lifestyle choices (e.g. Veganism*) are less of an obstacle than they used to be.

*My Vegan years prior to this level of food sensitivity provided the information and experience I’ve needed. Finding protein sources is one less challenge as I continue to face major dietary changes. But I still really miss the energy I had before!

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