FAQ: Again about that corn group. What is it??

You’ll frequently hear me refer to “my corn group.” They’re my lifeline. When I initially figured out corn was problematic, I assumed I only had to avoid its starch & syrup. My cystic acne cleared up immediately & I could tell when I accidentally ingested some high fructose corn syrup– my skin would break out all over again. I immensely felt better but soon realized there was something else I didn’t catch; bloating, cramping and fatigue still lingered. It turns out xanthan gum is almost always corny and it’s everywhere.

I was excited to find an online support group, which I figured was a recipe club. I didn’t expect a waiting list but figured the group must be good if that many people wanted to join. It took me awhile to remember I had signed up but when I finally visited, I was blown away by all the experiences I was reading. Crazy stuff! I thought it wasn’t for me… until I began to experience severe reactions, myself. I suddenly realized I had a LOT to learn.

There’s still a waiting list but our fearless admin recently added an assistant. There are strict guidelines so it’s very organized. Over 8,000* people– some of whom represent additional friends and family members who aren’t online– ask questions, share experiences and pool resources resulting from hundreds of hours of research apiece.

They’ve never steered me wrong. While I don’t expect anyone to be perfect, I know there’s enough of us to keep all incoming info in check. We grieve together, rejoice together, encourage each other and make sure everyone is safe– both mentally & physically.

Please know I won’t apologize for referencing them all day long. Without their guidance, who knows where I’d be at this point?!

*up to 9,900+ as of 1/30/20

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