Update: Verdict on my safe food, symptom flare-up

As of my last update I was waiting to hear from the company who makes my cassava root starch. Apparently, I misunderstood and the special corn- free batch was a one- time deal only. Oops! Thankfully, they had a few bags left & were understanding. They’re shipping me bags of safe starch along with a packing slip to return the others I bought.

As of yesterday I was feeling better than I have in a long time. In fact, this is a 2 week milestone: no incidences of passing out! However, I had some errands to run, which took longer than they should’ve due to brain fog. Ugh. I needed to drop something off at my parents house & got to see an old family friend in town for the weekend. We had so much fun but by the time I got home I was absolutely starving and it was late. As usual, when I’ve been around fumes, crumbs, etc. it takes awhile to decompress; my heart pounds, my skin itches & my mind races.

I cooked some food, which means histamine, so the timing was not great. I did manage to sleep but restlessly with weird dreams. This morning I woke up to achy limbs + throbbing hands & feet. I discovered propping up my feet (lying in bed isn’t enough elevation) relieves the pins & needles sensation.

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