Journal: Shower thoughts

I wonder how many times customer service reps say, “Read the manual!” Everything comes with instructions: “do not use near open flame,” “dishwasher safe,” “unplug when not in use.” Even Boyscouts get a handbook; they’re trained to handle flags, tie knots and build fires. Many skills can be proven with a certification; Notary Publics have an official seal, forklift operators take a test to earn a special license. There are almanacs to predict the weather, signs to label air quality and apps to measure traffic patterns.

Sometimes I just need to vent but other times I don’t feel like talking. Sometimes people are curious while others are content to take things at face value. Sometimes everything makes me burst into tears yet other times I’m ready to tackle any challenge. Some people feel intimidated and don’t know what to say or do while others want to jump in and solve everything.

So where’s MY warning label? Where’s MY tracking chart? Why don’t I get a measuring o-meter? Why don’t people have a code assigned to their personality? Why doesn’t everyone wear a symbol to show their mood? WHERE’S THE CHRONIC ILLNESS AND FOOD ALLERGIES TUTORIAL?

By the way, we all know that– besides being the best creative environment– the shower has the best acoustics. Why hasn’t anyone invented waterproof equipment so people can podcast from there??

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