Update: Waiting for the verdict on a questionable food source.

One of my only safe starches is potatoes, which I get from a farmers market that carries produce from one of the last– if not now the only– Amish farm that doesn’t use chemicals. (Yea!) Incidentally, both my parents and I tried to garden in pots without success. Lately, there’s been little from which to choose because, to keep their small business afloat, the owners take regular trips to pick up seafood, which sells well. This means fewer trips to the Amish auction. (Boo.)

There’s tapioca and arrowroot I can have (Yea!) but they’re only good as thickeners in cooking. (Boo.) I also have a safe source of flour made from Teff (Yea!) but it’s technically a grain; a high protein diet can be hard on the kidneys. (Boo.)

For the last few years I’ve been enjoying a particular kind of cassava root starch. (Yea!) But they recently moved to/ added a new facility. (Boo.) Initially, they assured customers their products would still be safe from cross-contact so I ordered a batch on Black Friday that offered free shipping. (Yea!)

I eagerly tracked my package but just before it arrived I got an email warning it may have come from a batch run on a line that previously handled xanthan gum. (Boo.) They speculated that more than likely mine would be OK. (Yea!) However, when it arrived, the packaging only meets 1/2 criteria given. (Boo.) I emailed the lot number printed on the back to the company for verification.

And now I wait…

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