Journal: It’s 4 AM. Do you know where your mind is?

I went to bed hungry, as I often do for lack of safe food. Incidentally, a dream has only ever woken me up if I/ someone else am/is about to get killed or my subconscious is trying to break through because I have to pee. Last night I was startled awake.

After myriad non- sequiturs, such as a debate about previously fallen trees in the back yard, observing boy scouts sleeping in a cots in the neighbor’s front yard and a car ride spent passing increasingly large life-sized Lego model trains of various elaborate themes, my mom returned from out of town with a cousin of mine, who I haven’t seen since childhood.

They were in the kitchen making food, including a new allergen- friendly recipe for me. As I sat on the couch figuring out which board game we should play while enjoying our snacks, the door opened just long enough for two random cats to enter.

Suddenly, a fluffy long-haired white cat with jangling tags and a collarless short-haired black cat were rubbing against my legs. I immediately panicked because I was wearing shorts– in what kind of soap/ shampoo were they bathed? Were their owners smokers or heavy perfume wearers? What did they last eat/ drink? Just before I broke out in hives and started wheezing, I was back in my bed, laying in the dark.

Only later did it occur to me they could’ve started fighting. Or shredding the furniture. They could’ve had fleas. Yet my immediate thought upon waking was, I NEVER EVEN GOT TO TRY THE CUSTARD!!

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