FAQ: Why won’t I eat that?

People always ask, “Can you have ______?” While that may seem like a simple question, there are multiple factors I must take into consideration.

  1. Was the original plant or tree (fruit/ veggie/ herb/ root) grown in fertilizer? I’ve been mistaken before, which led to a gurgling & churning stomach, bloating, muscle aches, severe headache, nausea and eventually the detox sweats.
  2. Was the original plant or tree ever sprayed? Pesticides are hard on an already sensitive digestive system, not to mention they’re corn-based. My throat- swelling incidences were the result of eating organic broccoli. I did not see it coming; I wouldn’t have guessed.
  3. In what part of the U.S. did the original plant or tree grow? Many areas have poor water quality. Additionally, most water treatment chemicals tend to be corny. Occasionly, carbon filters are derived from coconut but most use corn derivatives.
  4. Where was the plant/ its root/ seeds delivered? Grocery store produce is gassed with a corny mixture to quicken ripening then waxed with corn-based polish. Further, many manufacturers produce a variety of foods, most of which contain corn. Everything gets cross- contaminated.
  5. If nuts were roasted, the oven was likely a gas model, to which a corny scent was added for leak detection.
  6. If anything was cooked in oil, it was likely corny; nearly all oil is contaminated from the same practices as described above. Furthermore, most oil has been diluted/ supplemented with oil of inferior quality that may not even be the same ingredient on the label (e.g. many brands of olive add canola).
  7. Out of what materials is the final packaging made? A combination of price and popularity of eco-friendly claims have prompted many manufacturers to incorporate corn into plastic– including cellophane– and cardboard. Plastic produce/grocery bags are among the corniest. They burn my skin like touching a hot iron. Wax is also corny (As opposed to parchment, which is silicone- coated.)

So, no offense but I’d rather not take my chances. I’m sure it’s delicious, though. Enjoy!

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