Update: Small praises still worthy of Thanksgiving!

1. Week to date: 0 incidences of passing out! I have an appointment with my health insurance broker next week to get “the good stuff” (i.e. more than mere temporary catastrophic). Then I can make appts with the list of doctors and specialists I’ve been compiling. In the meantime, I seem to be on the right track figuring out how to keep my probable Mast Cell reactions in check.

2. I had a bit of a scare recently when the company, who manufactures one of my staple foods (a particular brand of cassava starch made in a dedicated allergen- friendly facility) announced it was opening a new plant. While I’m happy for companies that are doing well, such a change almost always leads to cross contamination issues. Fortunately, it has been verified that their product is still safe for me. I just placed an order yesterday and found out I get free shipping for Black Friday! Just in time since I’m almost out.

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